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The Stakeholder Podcast

Aug 8, 2022

Featuring Silvia Scopelliti, Head of international Digital Learning at Intessa SanPaolo in Milano Italy, and an expert in multi-stakeholder, cross-sector partnerships.

(Recorded 7/14/22)

Aug 1, 2022

Steve Sanders is managing partner and co-founder of Senaryo Services, a strategic advisory company. He is the author of Five Horizons: How to Succeed in the Age of Stakeholder Capitalism.

(Recorded 7/12/22)

Jul 25, 2022

Wayne Visser is a professor at Antwerp Management School and a writer, teacher, and poet. His most recent book is Thriving. He also hosts the Thriving podcast.

(Recorded 7/12/22)

Jul 18, 2022

ToTran Nguyen is a researcher at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp and the Department of Work and Organization Studies at KU Leuvan in Belgium where she has recently completed her PhD.

(Recorded 7/8/22)

Jul 11, 2022

Ben Leiner does product marketing at SmartNews

(Recorded 6/1/22)